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This membership agreement between Member, above and Fight Logic, LLC, aka FightCraft is payable as listed in section 2, above. You must supply FightCraft with a credit or debit card and authorize FightCraft to charge the credit card for dues. If FightCraft is unable to obtain funds from the credit or debit card provided a $10 fee will be assessed.


You agrees to keep and obey all rules and now in force or in the future prescribed by FightCraft, for the use of FightCraft training facilities, premises, and equipment therein, and the Gym reserves the right to revoke this membership for cause if You failed to keep and obey any such rules and regulations, or for reasons of nuisance, disturbance of other members or staff, moral turpitude or fraud. Without limiting Member’s obligation to obey the rules and regulations of FightCraft presently in force or in future prescribed, You agrees that he/she will obey the following rules by:

  • Always considering other member’s rights and privileges while training;
  • Always paying his membership dues on or before the fifth of each month – or pay late fee;
  • Never going into the bathroom barefoot or with wrestling shoes;
  • Bowing on and off the mat;
  • Always properly disposing trash;
  • Always treating members and staff with fullest respect and courtesy at all times;
  • Always accepting the fullest responsibility for any damage done to equipment due to his misuse of the equipment.


It is expressly understood and agreed that this agreement is not assignable or transferrable by You and no rights or privileges granted by this membership can be transferred or assigned by Member.


All cancellations require a notice in writing or in person. Cancellation requires 30 days notice prior to your next billing cycle. If your next months tuition is due within 30 days of cancellation you will be billed one additional month and your membership will terminate. Any and all outstanding fees including final month due on date of cancellation.


You may freeze his membership in the event of a significant life event deemed worthy by FightCraft. Examples of significant life events include:

  • Moving away for college;
  • Having a baby;
  • Job Loss;
  • Military Deployment.

A fee of $15 per month will be assessed during the membership freeze period. The membership freeze period can be no less then 3 months and no more than 1 year.


You acknowledge that FightCraft charges fees for its services, and subject to the applicable law, FightCraft reserves the right to change its fees from time to time in its discretion.


As applicable, classes and membership packages are non-refundable. No exceptions.

We do not offer refunds on purchases for our services, beyond your statutory rights. We strongly plea with you to be modest in your initial membership purchases, and to make sure you like us, can reach the venue and like what we do before making extravagant purchases.


You agree that any classes that were pre-scheduled that have been missed will be subject to a fee of $10.