Programs Hybrid Schedule

The Hybrid Academy

With our program you can train in-person and at-home.

In Person Classes

Train in all of our programs in person with our 45 minute small group classes.

A Window To The Academy

Studying for a final or catching up at work? No worries... All of our in-person classes are livestreamed online for our members so you won't miss a beat.

COVID-19 Safety

We're taking extra precautions because of COVID.


We will be fully sanitizing the mats & surfaces with safe, but powerful antibacterial and antiviral cleaning solutions.

Class Gaps

All classes are reserved ahead of time and only one group will be allowed in the academy at a time to reduce crowding.

Safety Procedures

All students that enter the academy must do so with a mask, temperature checks will be taken via infrared at the door.

Limited Capacity

Each class will have a limited capacity based on the guidelines given by the county.

Life at FightCraft

Whether you're stopping by after the 9-5 or have ambitions to be a world champion, you'll be learning same world class curriculum. Your coach puts the same amount of effort into each student regardless of your goals.

Structured Systems

All of our curriculums from striking to grappling are detailed and structured to make them easy to remember and recall.

Community Focused

You'll make friends your very first day, making staying on track easy as possible. Come for the classes, stay for the comeraderie.